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Inspired by the Danish value of "samfundssind", which is loosely translated as “community spirit” or “social mindedness”, the team at Bias have long been supporters of more sustainable and ethical fashion brands and practices.

"Samfundssind" is one of the key cultural values that shapes Danish society. The Danish Language Council defines "samfundssind", as

putting the concern of society higher than one’s own interests.

Saddened by some of the images we see of the impact of fast fashion on our planet and its people, we decided we must step up, take responsibility and increase our efforts to be part of the change.

Environmental Impact of Fast Fashion - The Guardian
A woman photographs French artist Christian Boltanski’s ‘No Man’s Land’, made up of around 30 tonnes of discarded clothing. (The

 We have chosen to build relationships with brands who are really challenging the narrative of the last decade of fast fashion. Thus bringing you a curation of clothing that in more respectful to the planet and its people.

We are championing brands like BLANCHE, who use innovative Seawool (TM) fabric made from crushed oyster shells; Woden who use recycled materials to make their sandals and Stella Nova who use organic cotton and artisanal touches.

Sustainable Fashion Terms A-Z

A-Z Guide of Sustainable Fashion Terms (

But let's face it, it is a bit of a minefield of information. And there seem to be so many 'miracle' claims. So how do we navigate it?

We have recently begun to look at how we guide you in store better and hope to roll that out soon. In the meantime, the first step we have taken is to add the following informative labels to our online store:

Bias better choicesBias better choices

Bias Better ChoicesBias better choicesBias better choices

We really hope you find them helpful in choosing more sustainably. Thank you for supporting us play our 'samfundssind' part in taking care of our precious planet and its people. 

Please do not hesitate to ask us in store or email us with any further questions.



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