How to curate a lagom home

We are delighted to have our new homewares arrivals from Madam Stoltz, Maegen and Block Design on show the moment you walk through the door of our lifestyle store in Harrogate. 

Lagom homeMaryam, one of the Bias team, has done a beautiful job of showing us how we can take these pieces and incorporate them into a delicate and creative table set up. Her inspiration? Lagom.


"What is lagom?" we hear you ask. Lagom (pronounced [ˈlɑ̂ːɡɔm], law-gum) is the Swedish art of creating balance —not too much or too little but just right. Achieving balance is vital. Balance between work and play, time spent together and alone, consuming new and up-cycling old...the list goes on.

Lagom home

Lagom encourages us to live life content with what we have. We could say, a more frugal life with just enough possessions. A lagom home is a home where everything is functional. A lagom life is one in balance. Moderation and balance in every aspect of life is at the core of Scandinavian culture. 

Try the following tips to create a little lagom in your home:

Lagom tips

1) Up-cycle, recycle, salvage and forage. Mix it up! Maryam mixes new homewares with foraged branches to create this beautiful table. Tip: take old tea cups and use as tea light holder

2) Be creative! Play with light and shadow. Notice how the sunlight creates stunning designs of the rattan placemats on the up cycled wooden door table. Tip: see how the natural light in your home creates colour reflections and patterns


3) Balance colour, shape and heights. Don't be afraid to mix a bright pop of colour with the calming palette of natural materials. Be bold and try bright contemporary pieces with rustic pieces. Tip: play with shapes and sizes. Create height and variety.


4) Mix textures and use natural materials. Tip: mix and match two or three designs of glassware, placemats or vases rather than opting for matchy-matchy.


5) Have fun! Enjoy finding balance and creating a lagom home.

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