Out and About with Bias...A guide to Harrogate's Montpellier Quarter

A picturesque quarter in the heart of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, Montpellier is the go-to destination for relaxation and indulgence, synonymous with nature, independent shopping and gourmet dining out.

Harrogate's regal and rather charmingly laid-back Montpellier Quarter offers a true North Yorkshire welcome.

The gardens, woodland and the vast open space, known locally as the Stray, surrounding the town centre, all give Harrogate a green and spacious feel unique to the town.

Montpellier's thriving streets buzz with independent shops and gourmet eateries. Twice voted "Happiest place to live in the UK", Harrogate, and the Montpellier Quarter are also home to the Bias Lifestyle Store. 

So, in the first of our Summer series "Out and About with Bias" we invite you to discover some of our favourite places and spaces in the Montpellier

A stones throw from the beautiful Montpellier Quarter there are a plethora of stunning Airbnb choices, including this sunny apartment in The Old Sweet Factory.

Alternatively stay near the Stray and the famous Betty's of Harrogate. Just a five minute walk to the town centre is the boutique French-inspired chain, Hotel du Vin. In the hotel's own words, "what better springboard to explore its unique atmosphere and distinctive charms than the Hotel du Vin, the most luxurious of hotels in Harrogate."

For those of you looking for an escape to the country with the Montpellier Quarter just a short drive, choose independently owned luxury spa hotel, Rudding Park

In the magnificent  Montpellier Quarter, we are blessed with a mouth-watering selection of independent eateries. Here are just a few of our team favourites.

For a calm morning coffee and pastries to start your day, head to Heal.

If you fancy a lazy brunch London-style, meticulously crafted coffee and lots of people watching, you can't beat Hoxton North. Our favourite is the Veggie Brunch, complete with delicious homemade baked beans! 

The finest terrace for drinks and tapas is Spanish Andalus finca inspired restaurant, La Feria.

Tucked away on a little cobbled street is Domo, a brilliant little Japanese sushi and noodle restaurant. 

For the tastiest local seafood don't miss the legend that is The Drum and Monkey. Running for over 50 years, this intimate restaurant is a Montpellier go to.

Last but not least, wander up Montpellier Hill and enjoy an exquisite tea and Fat Rascal, brunch, lunch or afternoon tea at the Montpellier Quarter's famous Betty's

Shop in Harrogate


Bias Store is proud to be part of a collection of wonderful independent stores in the Montpellier Quarter.

Just next-door is Owl Store.  An independent store and 'hangout' celebrating all things we love - music, culture and clothes from across the world.

Follow Montpellier Parade up towards Betty's and you will pass the Toast store, just before you reach our favourite book store, Imagined Things.

"...a place of wonder. We are a place that’s true. Because, you know, Imagined Things have such real value too. We’re proudly independent, one of a kind, Delighted to be different with many wonders to find." 

Wander a little further and take a left along the cobbled street. Here you'll find a little corner of truly unique little specialist shops. Local jeweller, India Mahon, eclectic clothes store, Rose Velvet and wonderful wine shop, Harrogate Wines. Keep making your way back to Bias and you'll find a lovely collection of designer womenswear at Morgan Clare.




Montpellier is perfectly positioned to explore both Harrogate's vast open green space, The Stray, and the beautiful curated and cared-for, Valley Gardens

The Stray, 200 acres of grass parkland that encompasses Harrogate, gives the town a uniquely green and spacious feel. A space for games, walks and relaxation.

English Heritage Grade II Listed, Valley Gardens, along with The Pinewoods woodland, cover 17 acres. This wonderful park has a greater number of mineral springs than any other known place! 

From Valley Gardens take a gentle walk along paved paths for around 30mins, through The Pinewoods and you'll arrive at the beautiful Royal Horticultural Society Gardens and Harrogate's other Betty's Tearooms at Harlow

So, you've slept, eaten and drunk, shopped and wandered to your hearts content, now relax! Treat yourself to a little r and r before hitting your head on your pillow again! 

Perfecting the art of relaxation since 1897, the sensationally restored Turkish Baths promise exhilaration, euphoria and total

The Baths' Moorish design with Islamic arches, vibrant glazed brickwork, arabesque painted ceilings and terrazzo floors make it a very special place to relax.

Another favourite of the Bias team is the gorgeously curated, Heal Spa. Offering a unique blend of medical and beauty therapies alongside our beautiful coffee bar and gift shop. "Combining the luxurious feel of a beauty spa with high clinical standards, Heal is designed to heal your body, enhance your well-being and enrich your life."

So that's a wrap for the first of our 'Out and About with Bias in...' series. And a guide to the amazing places and spaces we share our lovely little neighbourhood with. We love being part of this wonderful resilient and creative community. Don't forget to let us know below in the comments, how you enjoyed your time in Harrogate's Montpellier Quarter.  

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