New beginnings for plastic bottles repurposed by Arctic Fox & Co into stylish and cosy hats and scarves

The air is still cold and we may feel like hibernation mode is on but the sun is shining more and there are signs of exciting new beginnings.

Wrap up warm and take a walk in the park. You'll see wonderful white snowdrops, brilliant bright yellow crocus and daffodils peeping through the, now dead, fallen leaves.

And you'll hear the birdsong celebrating the imminent newness. Oh how such little things lift us and give us hope for what is just around the corner! 

The fashion industry is constantly evolving, and now more than ever, designers are looking for ways to make their designs more sustainable.

One of the latest brands in eco-friendly fashion is Arctic Fox & Co. A Manchester-based, Scandinavian inspired brand, Arctic Fox & Co are leading the way in repurposed plastic bottle fashion.

Their fashion involves using recycled plastic bottles to create stylish hats, scarves and other items which can be worn by anyone.

Not only does this process help reduce the amount of plastic going into landfills, but it also helps us save resources and energy that would otherwise be used to produce new materials. 

Arctic Fox products are made from:

  • - High quality industry off-cut fibres which would have otherwise been wasted
  • - Recycled materials (usually made from recycled plastic bottles, repurposing this planets waste and turning it into something beautiful)
  • - Dead-stock yarn
  • - Dead-stock fabrics
  • - Redesigned dead stock that would have otherwise been destined for landfill. 

Founder, Charlotte, and her Mum design each piece and work with 3 factories specialising in accessories based just outside of Shanghai. With who they have a very close working relationship.

These factories operate at a very high standard – the working conditions are clean, safe and comfortable, using high-tech machinery and equipment. The workers are all paid a fair living wage.

The collections and styles are all produced in small quantities in and using only what is available. 

By wearing Arctic Fox's super soft and cosy repurposed plastic bottle fashion, we can all help contribute to a healthier planet while still looking stylish and fashionable. 

Here are some of our favourite pieces giving us that fuzzy feel good, do good feeling in a beautiful Scandinavian Spring inspired palette:

The Recycled Bottle Beanie, Ocean Blue, £29
The Stockholm Scarf, Mossy Spring, £29
The Recycled Bottle Scarf, Soft Hay, £34

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