How to wear Scandinavian winter style...chapter 2, party time!

It's a time of celebration! Here at Bias we appreciate that it's hard to beat the classics. That ever reliable LBD, worn with glittering eye-shadow and sky-scraper heels. That micro sequin dress, ensuring you'll sparkle like a disco-ball all night long. Anything that glitters!

Sequins galore!

A Sparkly Party (Image:

Now, all of these are safe bets for any celebratory event, but this year we feel like reinventing ourselves and how we dress for special occasions. And who needs sequins when we are made to shine like the diamonds we are! In the words of Maya Angelou:

"Precious jewel, you glow, you shine,
reflecting all the good things in the
world. Just look at yourself." - Maya Angelou

So, taking inspiration from our muse, Copenhagen, we've gathered a few unconventional outfit options for you so you can shine in the right way for you:

Grece Ghanem street sale

Grece Ghanem rocking colour, pattern and sequins in her very own unique way (Image:

How about leaning into comfort with Summum Woman's cosy 'teddy' pieces that keep you warm while watching the fireworks?

 Cosy Teddy Gilet

Snuggle up in this Summum Woman 'Teddy Gilet'. Pop it over a blouse with just a hint of sparkle, a pair of beige or camel trousers and leather sandals or boots

Buy Summum Woman Teddy Gilet, £132.00

Indulge in Fabienne Chapot's luxurious fabrics in decadent jewel tones for a soiree with friends? 

Fabienne Chapot Sapphire-blue blouse

Wear your heart on your sleeve! Pair this sumptuous sapphire-blue and silver heart, ruffle-sleeve blouse with a deep dark denim or faux leather. 

Or have fun and channel your true style Queen with Cras Copenhagen's beautiful bold prints and popping colours.

 Cras Copenhagen Lili Cras Dress in Heartbeats Purple

The perfect dress to show off your personality. Be bold and make it your own.


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