An Introduction to Living a Hygge Life

As Bias is a Scandinavian-inspired store, we thought it was time to share some of the reasons we chose Scandinavian culture and style. The two are interlinked and the muse for our brand.

So let's start with one of the most famous Danish lifestyle concepts, Hygge. Pronounced "hooga", this concept echos throughout Danish life, Hygge is all about creating a feeling of comfort and contentment through simple joys.

The word hygge is said to date back to around 1800. Various definitions of hygge can be traced back to the Middle Ages, where, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark,  a similar Old Norse word meant "protected from the outside world." 

It's about taking the time to appreciate the small joys in life. The cold, dark, and wet Winter climate (not dissimilar to the UK) encourages Danes to spend time together. 

Hygge reflects the values of Danish society: equality and the well-being of everybody.  Hygge encourages you to shelter, cluster, and enclose. 

While Winter hygge can be a deeply nourishing and rejuvenating retreat, after the hibernation of Winter and as Spring blooms, we look to create a similar feeling indoors and out.


Wrap up, don your Woden waterproof boots and take a stroll in the park with the Spring sunshine on your face. Retreat from technology and work and inhale the fresh air. Listen to the birds sing. Notice how the light shimmers. 


Hygge can be incorporated into your life in many ways, from taking time to relax and enjoy nature to creating cosy spaces in your home. There is no agenda. You simply celebrate the small joys of life, maybe discuss deeper topics and, most importantly, unwind and take things slow. 


Bake a cake and invite a friend around for a really good cup of coffee. Or snuggle up with a cosy scarf and spend an evening by the fire with an aromatic candle and a good book. 

By embracing hygge, you can find joy and contentment in everyday moments and create a more meaningful life.

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