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Eau de parfum 803 with sea spray, ginger and patchouli | 30ml


Frosted patchouli : a palpable tension between hot and cold. The fragrance begins on a frosted note with marine accents, warmed by a spicy combination of ginger, pink pepper and juniper berry. The patchouli is intense, warm and powerful. A patchouli leaf captured in ice.

What does “aquatic” mean in perfumery?

This relatively recent fragrance category was born in the 90s with the discovery of certain ingredients. We’re talking, of course, about aquatic notes, briny and reminiscent of seaside memories. But it’s also more than that; “aquatic” refers to all the notes that suggest water-filled plants and fruits, like melon or watermelon. They lend a watery dimension to compositions. Lotus is also very useful for recreating this sensation, by adding its gentle floral touch. 

What does sea spray smell like?
Seawater, an iodized breeze. Impossible to extract olfactory substance from this sea wind, but the talent of the perfumer does wonders. It is the combination of several raw materials that gives us the smell of a sea breeze. It is thanks to these notes that the 801 takes us directly to the seaside from the first scents!

What does ginger smell like?
Ginger is a rhizome with a pungent smell and taste. Its slightly pink citrus scent takes us on a journey. In the 803, ginger and sea spray are a perfect match for a fresh start.

What does patchouli smell like?
It offers both balsamic and leathery notes depending on its terroir. Here, it brings body and its signature woody note to 803, while accompanying the marine notes. Generally considered a base note, patchouli is also an excellent fixative in perfumes, adding depth.


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