Introducing Our New Ethical Jewellery Collection by IBU Jewels

We have just received the beautiful new collection of jewellery from ethical jewellery label, Ibu Jewels.
Ibu Jewels is all about handmade jewellery made by female artisans using only the finest materials.
All of Ibu's pieces are hand crafted in Bali by female artisans with passion for their work.
Ibu's distinctive designs combine artisanal techniques with modern design.
Each bracelet is crafted from high quality leather and complemented with plated gold and semi-precious gems in a variety of colours. The beads we use are of the highest quality Miyuki beads.
Ibu Jewels Handmade in Bali
Ibu Jewels stands for free-spirited, modern, refined urban tastes.
This collection of unique and elegant jewellery is specially designed for the stylish woman with an eye for perfection.
Ibu Jewels Handmade in Bali
Each piece of jewellery by Ibu Jewels is high-quality and unique, radiating understated elegance.
Here are some of our favourite pieces from this collection:
Simple yet elegant Cap Beaded Bracelet, £34.95
One of a kind stretch beaded Peggy Onyx Ring, £19.95
Sage and gold bead and soft leather Square Bracelet, £34.95
Pretty and classic with freshwater pearls, Peggy Flower Bracelet, £39.95
Handmade with such delicacy, stretch Gold and Cream Woven Lace Ring, £29.95

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