Meet...Sofie Schnoor

Welcome to our new series of blog posts where we take the opportunity to share with you the brands we love at Bias. Starting this week with none other than cult Danish brand, SOFIE SCHNOOR.

Sofie Schnoor

Celebrating 21 years in business this year, the family-owned, independent label SOFIE SCHNOOR was established by the designer SOFIE SCHNOOR in 2001. Sofie is driven by her creativity, designing only what she would wear herself. That honest, real-life basis gives the brand a personal touch and an authentic feel that permeates all collections.

Sofie Schnoor at Bias

Sofie grew up with creative parents who were working in the fashion business with several retail shops. As a child she used to accompany her parents to factories, fashion fairs and all the way through the design process, and therefore knows a good, sellable design when she creates one.

Sofie Schnoor at Bias

True to the brand's beginnings, its style is still edgy cool, sporty chic with a playful twist across both collections. The SOFIE SCHNOOR collections reflect the demand from women for fashionable, cool clothes that feel comfortable.

Sofie Schnoor at Bias

SOFIE SCHNOOR collections are presented four times a year, each time boasting raw feminine elegance, comfort, and luxurious high fashion in clothes and shoes with a raw edge that comes from the designer's Scandinavian inspiration.

And we love it! 


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